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That strange lower back pain, leg pain, or odd tingling in your foot seemed to come from out of nowhere, and now you can't get rid of it. Or perhaps you thought you were finally finished with these bothersome symptoms, only to have them revisit you time after time. These are all the hallmarks of a common but debilitating ailment known as sciatica. If you know you need to get help for this problem, but you dread the notion of extreme measures such as major surgery, you'll be happy to learn that our chiropractic specialist in Highland, Indiana, Dr. Ternoir, offers natural, effective sciatica treatment.

Sciatica: A Common Cause of Leg and Lower Back Pain

The syndrome we call sciatica occurs when the major nerve roots of the sciatic nerve become pinched. The sciatic nerve is a massive "super-nerve" that branches out into all the lesser nerves that relay motor commands and sensation to the hip, leg, and foot. It connects to the spinal cord via several major nerve roots that thread their way through small spaces between the vertebrae. This anatomical arrangement means that even a small shift in your spinal structure can press components against the nerve roots, squeezing off the flow of nerve signals. As a result, the sciatic nerve sends incomplete or abnormal signals to subsidiary nerves, producing such symptoms as lower back and pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in any part of the leg or foot.

Why has sciatica entered your life? It's actually quite common in individuals as they approach middle age, especially when age-related conditions such as bulging discs start putting pressure on the sciatic nerve roots. Weight gain, an untreated spinal misalignment, and degenerative issues such as spinal stenosis can also contribute to sciatica. Sciatica can also develop quite suddenly due to herniated discs or other acute spinal issues sustained in an accident injury. To add insult to injury, bouts of sciatica may come and go, making you think you've magically recovered only to be reminded of painful reality again.

How Our Chiropractor in Highland Can Relieve your Sciatica Symptoms?

Our chiropractor can treat most cases of sciatica successfully through purely conservative means, allowing you to sidestep the risks of major surgery or strong painkillers. By pinpointing exactly where and why the nerve impingement is occurring, we can apply treatments to resolve that underlying issue, relieving your sciatica at the source. Chiropractic adjustments can bring bulging/herniated discs and other spinal structures back into their proper position so they're no longer pinching sciatic nerve tissue. Once your alignment has been corrected and your symptoms have subsided, we can provide ongoing guidance and recommendations to help you keep your back and legs sciatica-free.

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Remember, your sciatica won't fix itself -- it's up to you to take action and start on the road to recovery. Call Natural Wellness LLC at 219-595-3393 to schedule a spinal evaluation and treatment from our Highland chiropractor!
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