Dinner With The Doctor

Chiropractor Highland IN Mathew Ternoir

Have Dinner Plans for Thursday?

Dr. Mat Ternoir is inviting you to a delicious dinner – on us – with all the frills. He will talk about getting to the real cause of your health problems without surgery and medications. He will also reveal secrets the drug companies don’t want you to know about.

Helping people get well and STAY well is our mission. Living pain free, avoiding disease, and being in control of your life is what we teach people everyday.

No more missed work, missed time with the kids or grandchildren. No more time away from hobbies or the things we want to do. It’s amazing how often people are told nothing can be done and that you have to live with the pain and suffering. Dr. Mat is here to tell you that something CAN be done.

Many wish they would of had this information before. Most of our chiropractic patients say they wish they would have started care with us sooner. That is why we have this dinner.

Do you know family members or friends struggling, wanting a simpler way to attain optimal health? Friends who are fed up with today’s healthcare system? Bring them along too!

We all know that health determines the quality of our lives, so please join us and learn HOW you can live a DRUG-FREE inspired lifestyle. (Does YOUR doctor tell you these things?)

We currently have the dinner on Thursday night. Call the office for details and reserve your spot today. Many people’s lives have been changed just for coming!

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